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Index Trading

Trade Spot Metals
and the Currency Market

When you trade indices with an industry-leading broker, you can expect to choose from an industry-leading selection of indices. Hypercoin Trade offer index trading on some of the world’s most active securities, meaning that traders can choose to trade and buy the selection of stocks which suits their trading strategy.

Choose from an eclectic range of indices and access the international markets. As a CFD indices trader with Hypercoin Trade, you can trade indices such as:

  • GDAX (Dax 30)
  • AUS200 (Australia 200)
  • ND100m (US Tech 100 – Mini)
  • UK100 (UK100)
  • SP500m (US SPX 500 – Mini)
Key Reasons to Trade Indices
  • Can be traded long or short
  • Enjoy long trading hours
  • Great for portfolio diversification

Hypercoin Trade’s superior online trading conditions ensure that you can trade indices with leverage that is appropriate for your trading style. This can amplify traders’ positions and potentially maximise profits – although traders should be aware that leverage can also amplify losses.

What are indices?

Indices, or indexes, are portfolios of stocks. These stocks are grouped together in accordance with a particular sector or a particular market: the GDAX (or Dax 30), for example consists of 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
The ND100m contains stocks from the top technology companies in the US.